Phenomenal X – Michelle A. Valentine

Good Girl. Notorious Bad-Boy. One Phenomenal Love.

From the mean streets of Detroit rises the newest superstar of professional wrestling, Xavier Cold, better known as Phenomenal X. His muscular physique makes men cower before him and women lose their minds with desire.

Anna Cortez is fresh out of college and naive to the harsh realities of the real world. Tired of living under the thumb of her conservative family, she defies them when she accepts a job as the assistant to wrestling’s most notorious bad-boy. Phenomenal X has an animalistic nature that even good girl Anna finds hard to resist.

One night forced to share a bed in a sold-out hotel, lines blur between them and they quickly learn that one lustful night changes everything and neither one of them will ever be the same.

Well this is a first… I’m doing a mid-book commentary.  I’m doing it because I’m a little confused here.  At what point does the synopsis match the actual book that I am reading.

Nothing irritates me more than reading something that is marginally close to the summary.  Yes, Anna is “fresh out of college”.  But that seems to be where the similarities end.  Don’t get me wrong, the book isn’t bad.  Actually it’s pretty good.  It’s well written.  Angsty.  The dialogue between the two characters captivating at times as they banter back and forth.

***Possible Spoiler***

But I was told she was taking a job as the assistant.  When?  Did I fucking miss something?  He Xavier, brought it up once!  and after what I just read, I don’t know why the hell she would want to talk to him again.

I just need to be patient I realize that.  But patience is not something I deal in.  I’ll keep going though.  Because I am sucker and I am hoping that I have spoken too quickly.  After all there is still lots of story left.

April 30th – Update

Literally this morning on my ride to work, I (abruptly) finished Phenomenal X. My initial reaction was, WTF.  That would be WHAT THE EVER LOVING FUCK. My kindle said I had 40 mins left in the last chapter. Turns out that was a lie.

Now to the review part.


I’ve already bitched about the fact that the synopsis and story don’t match completely, turns out you have to read a little over half the book to get to that point. Don’t expect much when you get there. The hope for the push and pull of a potential relationship is lacking. They’ve become far too involved by that point and just want to jump each others bones.

Speaking of bone jumping, while I don’t need a scene to run for pages and pages (okay, well maybe that’s not true). A little more than a few paragraphs would be nice. Setting the scene in a love scene is just as important in my opinion to the slow and steady build that thriller writers create. There is the setting of the scene, the emotions that your evoking between the characters and then the all out filth that should roll around with it. If you build your character up to be a gruff, domineering, obsessive type, should that not be reflected in the way he has sex with his partners. The most I got out of Xavier, was that it was so good, he couldn’t hold back. Not long enough at least to get through maybe say 4 paragraphs.

I know, I know surely my biggest complaint can’t be lack of sex. Well it is. Of course there are a lot of redeeming qualities to the book. It is well written overall, and while wrestlers do not interest me in the least; I do like Xavier and Anna.

Anna isn’t written to be weak. She leaves behind an overbearing father to live the life she wants. She frequently stands up for herself and doesn’t waver when it comes to her feelings… well not often and not often enough that it really matters. Her apparent love for Xavier is what’s key to the story and admittance and declaration of that, even if it is a slightly awkward moment, and does feel a little desperate and rushed, is at least sincere.

As for Xavier, here this is my favorite line

I wanted to leave my fucking mark on that pussy of yours. It’s mine. I know it, and so do you

I needed more of this from him. This was what I wanted from him the entire time and it just comes so late. The poor guy just has so many problems and while I know that he’s supposed to have that whole “she can fix him” thing going on, he’s tragedy is so contrived, that at points, I thought; just forget it. Am I a negative person? I don’t tend to think I am. It was just so dark… glum… I guess I was waiting for the butterflies and rainbows.

I know that there is supposed to be a second book and maybe that’s when the light starts to shine, so maybe I’ve viewed this too negatively for the time being. But for the time being, this gets a solid 3.5

If you’re interested in reading Phenomenal X get it here, from: Amazon




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