The Great Procrastinator

Much love to Ella Dominguez. She writes some of the most amazing things;

The Art of D/s Trilogy
Becoming Sir
This Love’s Not for Sale
Chapter 8 (Grace St)

To name but a few. I’m seriously hooked on her writing prowess. She creates fun and sexy characters, that makes you wish they would spring to life from the pages.

Take all the time you need Ms Ella! We’ll be here waiting for you.

Silken Sheets & Seduction

sssEllaSo as you may or may not know, I’ve decided to write full time and have taken a long-term leave (or maybe short-term if I don’t get off my arse) from my job as a respiratory therapist. You see, the plan was to WRITE. It’s now officially been one month since my last day at my job and still, I have only written a scant amount. I have a self-imposed publication date looming and my stress levels are rising. It’s par for the course. I seem to only write when I’m under pressure. Why do I do this to myself?

1. I’m a procrastinator.

2. I fear rejection of my work and hence, writer’s block infiltrates my brain while that inner voice of self-deprecation keeps telling me I’m going to fail.

3. Do I really need to keep going…? I fear that I will ruin a fairly good series by adding one…

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