Summer is almost here… except here #rant

In the privacy of my own home, I am many things.  Queen of the domain.  Lady of the Manor.  I get to decide dinners, what TV shows to watch, what chores need to be done and by who…  no I’m not some tyrant, these are just choices that I get to share in with my family.  The only thing that I NEVER have a say in is the damn air conditioning.  It’s going to be June in less than what 36 hours… and I’m sitting here in full length pajamas, laptop on my lap, using it as a heating device, thinking about turning the bed down, so that I can crawl into warm sheets and read my book

I have so little control over the A/C in my home, that I have resorted to hoodies and multiple layers of blankets to keep my tootsies warm during the day.  I have lost the battle for warmth in my home.  I ask only for a 3 degree adjustment, we’re currently at a perpetual 72 degrees, but I am met with hostility and vigorous denials.  I know I shouldn’t complain, there are many people who are not living with the luxuries I am living with.  However in this moment, I don’t fucking care.  I am freezing my fucking tits off.

The worst part is, my bed is directly under the air vent. So while 72 degrees should be pleasant, the constant blowing of the vent along with the ceiling fan being on leads me to my misery.  If I’m alone in the bedroom, the ceiling fan goes off, however the air vent must stay on.  Why don’t I move and not bitch about it?   Well, it’s my favorite part of my home.  It’s where I am most comfortable.  I like it here, I don’t want to move.  OK!  So I’m going to shut the fuck up, move on with my life and bundle up.

I just needed a moment to rant.  I appreciate whoever read this inane crap and patiently sat threw the whole thing, I wish I could give you back the 3 minutes of your life it took you to read this.  My hope for you, is that you’re in a warmer fucking place than I am

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