Sizzle at Sea – Wynter Daniels

Sizzle at Sea (Long and Hard, Book One) – [Kindle Edition] Currently FREE
All heiress Kara Mikos wants is a vacation cruise and a hot shipboard fling. When her father phones to say there is a plot to kidnap her, she brushes it off as another of his many attempts to control her life.Private security expert Harper Long doesn’t mean to fall for his client’s sexy daughter but what better way to keep her close enough to protect? Granting his libido free rein comes with a price, though—a treasure he’s not willing to lose.

I got this for one singular reason. Okay, well maybe two, but I specifically remember getting it because it’s from Ellora’s Cave and I really like the stories that they publish. At least, I do so far.

This is another one of their little gems. At a mere 79 pages this is the story of two people on a cruise ship unwittingly finding love. His job is to protect her, her goal is to be enjoy a private vacation alone, away from her father’s watchful eye. What ensues, is a romantic encounter, an attempted kidnapping/murder and a lovely amount of hot sizzling, steamy sex.

The story moves a long consistently and you never feel as though it’s dragging. Really at 79 pages, you don’t have much time for that anyway. There were times where the constant insecurities being drummed into you over and over again got a little tedious, but by the time you get to the end you really don’t care. There’s really not much time for character development, which of course what do you expect. Had the story been longer, it definitely would have demanded more fleshing out. Kara’s relationship with her father, was actually interesting enough that I would like to have read more. The father is drummed into you so much that you want to hear more about him. Harper Long, is himself a pretty interesting guy, he just doesn’t get enough time to become more. Again, the disadvantage of a short story.

It’s currently free on Amazon (for Kindle) and I would really recommend it if you need a super quick read.