Interview with a Submissive or Slave


I need a couple of volunteers. I am looking for those who are single and have been looking for a Dom , or a Mistress, and those who are already in a relationship.

If you have a blog I can list it, or I do not have to mention your name.

Any takers ?


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The Perfect Submissive: – a full length erotic novel (The Perfect Submissive Trilogy Book 1) [Kindle Edition] – Kay Jaybee #BookReview #Review

The Perfect Submissive: – a full length erotic novel (The Perfect Submissive Trilogy Book 1) – [kindle edition] 99¢
Hidden behind the Fables Hotel’s respectable facade, five specially adapted rooms wait; ready to cater for the kinky requirements of its guests.

When Mrs Peters, the mistress of the hotel’s exclusive entertainment facility, meets the new booking clerk, Jess Sanders, she instantly recognises the young woman’s potential as a deliciously meek addition to her specialist staff. All it will take is a little education.

Under the tutelage of the dominatrix, Miss Sarah, Jess learns to cope with her unexpected training schedule, the increasingly erotic chill she experiences each time she survives a new level of correction, and a truly sexy exercise routine.

Temporarily distracted from her intimidating rule over Fable’s top floor by an enigmatic artist, Mrs Peters begins to plan how she can secure his obedient assistance, in grooming Jess into the perfect submissive…

Okay, so first I usually pull quotes from a book, so that later when I review it, I a.) can you give you a tiny taste of what’s in store and b.) sometimes you just need a frame of reference. What happened here with this book is, I have nothing to give you.

What also happened here is that I learned something of myself; I am not in any way shape or form interested in reading about the F/F dynamic when it comes to my sexual and BDSM story time. I simply require peen (cock). At the end of the day, hearing about lapping away at a vagina is just not for me. Dare I say that it made the book a little boring and the only reason I didn’t DNF, it, was because I was reading it for a book challenge.

It’s not like it was a bad book either, because I think that I would have liked it, once I got past the fact that it wasn’t written in Victorian times, even though it sounded though it was, the premise was pretty good. The hotels front desk girl Jess Sanders, catches the eye of the resident Mistress of the house and so the fun begins.  This is no way romantic.  I mean was it?  Maybe someone else read it and though, wow how sweet.  Rather I felt like it was a story about one woman’s self discovery.

Each of the scenes were fun to read and they were certainly of the BDSM variety that I like, they were just missing that male element (for me). It’s not to say that there weren’t any males in the book at all, they were present, they just weren’t in any dominant role. I should have guessed it though by the synopsis of the story, but I think I’ve had my head so far into male/female territory that I thought that maybe one may just turn up. Be warned, they don’t (well not enough)

If you like F/F this book is for you. If you like female Domme’s, this book is definitely for you. If you like cock… well you may be a little disappointed.

Not to say that I won’t be back for more of Kay Jaybee’s writing. I’m tempted to read out the rest of this series, because I think, if I read the synopsis correctly, there are some men in a future story. Men of the Dominant kind. Now that I can really get behind. Sadly this series isn’t a high priority for me, so it may be a while until I get to finish it out. Oh well…

The Professor’s Pet – Tara Crescent #bookreview #review

The Professor’s Pet (A BDSM Romance Novel) – [kindle edition] $2.99
***The perfect blend of bondage, dominance, submission and love ***

Have you ever been dangerously attracted to your professor?

Jake Ballard. He is smug and mocking, but his body is the stuff of epic fantasy. Now, through an unfortunate twist of fate, he holds my smut-filled Kindle in his hands.

I have a decision to make. Can Professor Ballard be my instructor in this world of bondage, dominance, and submission? And, eight weeks later, when my class is at an end, can I walk away from Jake?

I don’t know if I can, in good faith, recommend this book. I want to be able to tell everyone to pull out their $3 and get right on reading this, especially if you like BDSM novels. The only problem is that it’s probably one of the more poorly edited stories that I’ve read in a little while. Okay, so it’s not littered with bad spelling, but the punctuation and the style that it’s written in, kind of remind me of what I did while I took notes for meetings. I can’t believe I say this when I missed the simple word “and”

He leaned back, watched me.

I wonder if this is Tara Crescent’s typical style? I’m hoping that it’s not, because I do plan on reading some of her other books, because I really did like the overall story and I like the scenes that she sets.

“climaxing without permission is very, very bad. Same reason – I want you to fall apart with pleasure at the pinnacle, not before. The more you control it, hold back, the more it builds in intensity, till it reaches a fever pitch and you can’t think or act or breathe without the fear of breaking into a million pieces; that’s when you can orgasm. Not a second sooner.”

Knowing just how short this book was, I wondered just how quickly the plot would move along while maintaining its, for a lack of a better term, believability.  After all, Emily has just 8 weeks at the hands of Jake Ballard.

What is done well in the book is that there aren’t any hang ups in time.  You know what I mean, where a story gets stuck in a certain period of a story and you wonder when it’s really going to be able to get to where it needs to be.  This one sort of flows along consistently.  They spend a chapter focusing in on one thing, then the next we’ve moved on in time and before you know it, you’re there at its climax, wishing that it could drag out even longer.

If the option had been there to have more, it could have played out to be an even better book.  But I’ll go back to the method in which it’s written and say that, I don’t think that I could have handled another 100 pages of it, no matter how much I would have enjoyed it, let alone 10.

The story is told from both sides; Emily and Jake, but it’s Emily’s voice that is the dominant narrator of the story.  I could have gone either way in this story, it was nice to have both of their perspective which proves to me that Tara Crescent knows how to tell a story, she just doesn’t (at least not here) know how to write one.

Both of the characters are engaging and they’re both developed in a way that had you rooting for both of them and for their happiness.  I kind of wish that there was a follow-up story, just because I like them both so much, but I don’t know, I just don’t know how much patience I have for Ms Crescents story telling style.

My overall conclusion would be to grab a sample of it, if you can.  If you can get pass the style of writing, then read the whole book.  It’s really a good story and it’s filthy as delicious fuck. I do recommend it, but I do so with caution.


Interview With A Dominant

I follow both of these gentlemen, so what a wonderful surprise to read that Vile interviewed him.


Today I am going to talk about a very good friend of mine although we have never met in the future it is my intentions to do so.
I also have one more guest that I am in the process of preparing questions for another Interview with another Dom.

I also plan on doing several more in the near future.

Franco Bolli has been blogging for sometime, and I am going to call him the sensual Dominant of BDSM. Mr Bolli has been on an awesome journey and is now in love with his princess.

If you have not guessed we are total opposites, when it comes to the lifestyle, maybe I could take a few sensitivity classes from him, because I am really lacking in that area I do believe.

Mr Bolli has a way of really expressing himself , in a very calm and sensual way. Which I…

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