Interview With A Dominant

I follow both of these gentlemen, so what a wonderful surprise to read that Vile interviewed him.


Today I am going to talk about a very good friend of mine although we have never met in the future it is my intentions to do so.
I also have one more guest that I am in the process of preparing questions for another Interview with another Dom.

I also plan on doing several more in the near future.

Franco Bolli has been blogging for sometime, and I am going to call him the sensual Dominant of BDSM. Mr Bolli has been on an awesome journey and is now in love with his princess.

If you have not guessed we are total opposites, when it comes to the lifestyle, maybe I could take a few sensitivity classes from him, because I am really lacking in that area I do believe.

Mr Bolli has a way of really expressing himself , in a very calm and sensual way. Which I…

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