Blind Date – Selena Kitt #BookReview #Review

Blind Date – [kindle edition] $4.99
In her attempt to escape her sisters’ Valentine matchmaking, Annie meets the enigmatic Eric, who she realizes could finally be the man of her dreams. In spite of, or maybe because of, Eric’s cryptic words and puzzling behavior, she finds herself immediately intrigued and drawn to him like no other man she’s ever met. One night in Annie’s sister’s kitchen seals their fate, as the two lovers discover and explore the instant spark of heat between them. Their evening comes to an abrupt end when the mysterious Eric disappears into the night, and Annie realizes she doesn’t know his last name! How is she to find him?

After months of fruitless searching, Annie finally gets a dubious break when she meets Eric’s eccentric mother. Dita sends Annie on a journey deep into the unknown, through an ever-twisting labyrinth of frustrating dead-ends and seemingly strange, pointless missions. Annie’s life is turned upside down as she searches for the one man who can make her life feel complete.

Told in the spirit of magical realism, this modern day adaptation of the Greek myth of Eros and Psyche takes Annie on each of Psyche’s tasks in her quest for her lost love. Each task brings her closer to him and to realizations about herself. Will Annie find Eric and reveal to him the secret she’s been keeping, even from her sisters?

Warnings: This title contains erotic situations and graphic language – a fun, modern day magical-realism retelling of the Psyche and Eros myth that will leave you mythtified yet satisfied!

I’ll start by saying that the front cover doesn’t do the book any justice. In fact, I can’t stand that cover at all. So why did I pick it up? I read it for a book challenge. Otherwise, other than that fact that it’s written by Selena Kitt, who I have to tell is a great smut writer, I doubt that I would have picked up this book at all. And quite honestly I would have been wrong to.
The story is a retelling of Psyche and Cupid. You know the one, Cupid tells Psyche that each time they meet they can never do so by the light of day. She ends up defying him, he leaves her promising never to return. She in all her love of him, turns to his mother Venus, a few challenge ensues and true love is reunited once more.
It’s a pretty simplified retelling of the story which is why I think that it works so well. The initial encounter between Eric and Alice leave left me craving more immediately. It was the perfect amount of heat. The one-handed read that I wanted to re-read several times over.
And then the characters; Alice doesn’t have a meek, pushover personality and it makes her enjoyable to follow along as she wanders through her challenges. She’s often funny and has very natural reactions even when the situation is completely unnatural.
My only disappointment with Eric was that there just wasn’t enough of him. He plays an important role in the beginning and then is missing, though spoke on a great deal in the middle, and bam he’s back at the end. I wonder if the story had been longer if we would have had more of him. But alas. There are several other characters who make (important) appearances in the story, Dita, Eric’s mum; I would have loved an expanded version of her, Gabriel and the odd other character whose name has escaped me at this time.
Overall, I would recommend this story. It’s short, lots of fun and really a good dirty little read.

Fifty Shades of Grey Trailer & Jamie Dornan


I was extremely excited about  Jamie Dornan playing Christian Grey, but then he shaved his beard off and now I’m not that excited anymore.  I don’t what it was about the beard, but it was a part of who he is. I’m so shallow I disgust myself, but whatever.

Having read the books and having since read books that are quite frankly better, I don’t know how I am going to feel about seeing everything played out on the big screen.  The story overall is juevnille and is reminiscent of Twilight in many ways.  But it is about a topic I love reading about and it does have Jamie Dornan in it.  I know that I will be seeing this movie even if that results in me bashing it wildly.  Though I really hope that I end up loving it.  Again, only because I love Jamie Dornan so much.