I am a lover of Erotica and Romance novels. I could read them quite literally all day long & I have as a matter of fact.  This is my corner of the world, to write about those books.  It will be unlikely that I ever review anything else, so if you’re expecting to hear my thoughts on classics, it’s not going to happen.  I’m not interested.  At least, not at the moment I’m not.

I’ve been a reader all my life, but late last year, I went from picking up the odd book now and again, to an all out; this is my life and it’s really all I’m interested in doing, reader.

So if you’re at all inclined, feel free to drop by, maybe we can have a chat about a book. Check out my goodreads page and see what I’ve read and what I plan to read.

You can also find me at Shelfari where I spent almost an entire Sunday afternoon bringing my page up current.  What an adventure that was!


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