Use – CD Reiss (THANK YOU!) #BookReview ★ ★ ★ ★ ★

Use (Songs of Perdition Book 2) – [kindle edition] $2.99

From USA Today bestselling author, CD Reiss, the follow up to her Bend Anthology story, KICK.

I thought of Deacon, my master, the one who had helped me function, and who I had betrayed. Maybe one day I’d remember the sticky web of circumstances that put us both in the stables, but did it matter? In the end, did I stab him to be free of him?

And free to what?
To whore? Snort? Party?
Or free to be normal?

**This ends sequence one**

Heed this.
This book contains non-consensual sex, presented in a non-erotic way.

**Spoilers if you have NOT read Kick and just general spoilers**

Let’s start with WOAH!  ★ ★ ★ ★ ★
I have to wonder what CD Reiss is thinking when she is writing. I wonder if she realizes how much she effects the reader. I noticed first when I read songs of Submission, then there was a little of it in Songs of Corruption. In Songs of Perdition though, it flows out of the page in waves.

I don’t know I could be wearing rose tinted glasses or something, but here we go again. Another Drazen story and this one is a doozy.

I’ll admit that when I read Kick (first in this sequence) I just wasn’t sure if I was going to like this series at all. It seemed dark. But not just dark in the erotic sense, more like a series of tragic events with no light at the end of the tunnel. I was so worried that Fiona was not going to find herself and in the last few moments of that book, it didn’t get any better. So when I picked up USE I did it with a great deal of apprehension. I knew that something had to give. At least I hoped.

So here we go. Fiona hasn’t left her Westonwood home. She’s dealing with some new and welcome emotions. Elliot has abandoned her and Deacon as far as we know is still healing. The one thing that I love about CD Reiss is that you never quite know where she is going to take a story, so when we start to hear events from the aspect of Elliot, it really gives the story that extra bit of weight.
Elliot, for me has a slightly more important role, in this story to Fiona than I think Deacon does. Elliot’s character in Kick was simply a healer for Fiona. I don’t recall him trying or showing that he was doing anything more for her. There may have been the occasional moment where an implication was made that he could have been more for her. At the end of Kick we all know why he left, but I like that in Use, it’s explored.

He’s a man who can be influenced and who is flawed. His relationship with his girlfriend walks a fine line and you just hope that he takes that sweet step off the straight and narrow. His feelings for Fiona are beautifully articulated and the battle he fights when he is around her makes you want him to do the wrong thing all damn day long. He has a code to uphold, but with Fiona, you could forgive him for erring. Simply, he unravels exquisitely.

I’ve side stepped the main gal here, because this post could go on for days about where she could be going, what she is doing and why. She’s broken. Actually I don’t think broken is the term. Maybe shattered. I struggled to like her at all in Kick. I wondered why it was even important to talk about this sister at all. This story, makes me realize that I judged too quickly.

Fiona wants, needs and craves to be normal. Let’s be honest Fiona’s normal isn’t conventional by any means, but a tiny part of me wanted her normal too. Fiona’s normal. No drugs, drinking, partying like a hopped up raver. Tie her up, tie her down, wrap her in hemp and swing her from a beam. That’s the Fiona I want to see. That’s the beautiful Fiona who deserve her happiness. I’m not sure if we’re going to get that. Because that ending? It didn’t really feel like we were done with her yet.

Before I leave! Jonathan! You don’t realize how much you miss a character until they come back to you. Well that’s not completely true in this case. I knew that I missed Jonathan. I wanted to hear more about him, the moment I started this book, but when he does show up, and even though he is underage, I have to tell you I didn’t care. I could have read an entire chapter just relieving every moment of his stay at Westonwood.  CD Reiss has mentioned that she plans to tell more story under the Jonathan and Monica umbrella.  Oh how I can not wait!