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Serving the Billionaire (The Silver Cross Club Book 1) – $0.00/FREE
Regan takes the job because she’s desperate. She just got fired, she’s down to her last hundred bucks, and she hasn’t spoken to her parents in years. She’s out of options, and serving drinks at an upscale gentlemen’s club sounds easy enough.

At the Silver Cross Club, she’s exposed to a world of wealth and hedonism that she’s never experienced. And the clients tip well — so well that she’s willing to ignore the debauchery that goes on in the back rooms.

Then she meets billionaire Carter Sutton.

Scion of a powerful family, and a regular client at the club, he’s rich, handsome, and incredibly charismatic. Regan finds herself being drawn into his orbit.

But their undeniable chemistry can’t prepare Regan for Carter’s sexual desires. He’s used to getting what he wants, and Regan has only two options: resist, or surrender completely…

This 38,000-word novella is an erotic romance with explicit content and is intended for an adult audience.


Aah, billionaire romances and they’re Pretty Woman premises, how I miss you so much!

Yeah, so this isn’t quite Pretty Woman, but the concept is pretty much the same.  Down on her luck girl, while not a prostitute, gets a job at a high-end gentleman’s club and ends up meeting a billionaire, who would like nothing more to change her entire world.

This is such a simple story and that’s one of the reasons that I like it so much.  It’s not trying particularly hard, it’s just upbeat, miracles can happen type storytelling.  So far no great tragedies, some tasteful humiliation and a sex scene, that has the chance to lead to so much more in book 2.   The characters are both likable.  Reagan is submissive and sassy.  It’s a great combination, there’s nothing more boring for me than a woman who just complies.  Reagan is written as a woman who expects more of herself all the while learning and accepting things of herself that she never knew until she meets Carter

I enjoyed reading about the attraction that these characters have towards each other

I had the impression, walking toward him, that he was reeling me in like a fish on a line, drawing me toward him with the force of his blue gaze.

and I like that it remains throughout the entire book.  There are times when male characters in stories like this, where they are just unapologetic assholes.  While it’s okay sometimes, it’s refreshing when an asshole admits that he’s wrong and wants to be a better version of himself for the woman he is drawn to.   Carter does that so well in this story and I can not wait to see what else he is going to do for Reagan in the next book.

One of the major themes of the relationship that I am enjoying a great deal with these two is the humiliation aspect of there sexual escapades.

I liked the implicit humiliation of the situation: him cool and in control, sitting down, fully dressed; and me exposed, subservient, taking off my clothes for a man I knew almost nothing about.

In really simple terms, it’s pretty fucking hot when Carter pushes Reagan to do things.  I’m hoping beyond hope that there is more of that in the next book.  Humiliation in a story as a whole is something I enjoy.  There is just something so incredibly naughty about debasing yourself willingly to someone.  And to have power and control taken away trusting in that other person.  Well, I just can’t get enough of it.   I’ve read books in the past where you feel uncomfortable for the female character as she is subjected to the debauched needs of her partner, but here,  I couldn’t have cheered Carter on more.  I wouldn’t have minded if someone walked in on them as they where in flagrante.

You may be wondering why I gave it such an average rating then, well here it is.  It needs to be re-edited and while it may be harsh of me to give it an average rating because of something like that, the simple thing is, this book would be a lot better if it had been edited better.  Some scenes lose their potency for me because I read it as I see it and then I have to re-read as it’s intended.  If I didn’t have to do that, well this would probably have gotten a solid 4.    That said, while I debated spending the $4 on the next book, I’m just going to do it.  I really like Carter and I need more…

Still – Alessandra Torre (Always leaves me wanting more…)

Still (Bend Anthology)

My feet hurt. Four inches of a-size-too-small shoes will do that to a girl. Especially a girl who is used to sensible flats, paired with nylons and JC Penny skirt suits. But your best friend only gets married once, and when she is paying for an all-expense paid bachelorette party to the Bahamas, the sane thing to do is hop on that plane, put on your sexiest pair of strappies, sip on penis-shaped straws, and dance your feet off. 

I wasn’t looking for a man. Wasn’t planning to do anything but hobble my swollen feet up to the room and collapse. Maybe splurge on minibar candy and a six dollar bottle of water. I may not have been looking, but when you run into a man like Brett Jacobs, you don’t walk away. You wipe up your drool, remember your southern graces, and bat your eyelashes.

I may have forgotten my southern graces. They may have gotten lost in the pushmeupagainstthewall and takemehere action that occurred. In the clothesripping ohmygod action that followed. They may have, along with my sanity and common sense, left me with bruised lips, ripped panties, multiple orgasms, and blistered feet. 

God bless cheap shoes, impulse decisions, and weak willpower.


Alessandra Torre is so up my alley, I sometimes think that she is in my head.  There is just something about the way that she brings characters together that makes me always craving more, I swear if she had decided to never end the Innocence Trilogy, I would have been one happy reader.  And now she’s at it again.

This little short story moves at a nice clip and weaves the tale of how Riley, a Southern lass and Brett, honestly I can’t put him a category other than, amazing, come to be.  Know how short the story was I constantly and I mean constantly fretted about how these two were going to hook up.  I was at no point disappointed.

The dialogue, true to Torre form, is honest, funny, saucy and sincere.  I love the way she writes her women.  They’re broken or damaged or apologizing for who they are.  They just are and every moment Riley interacts with anyone, I enjoy it.   I can not wait and I mean that with all my heart to get more story on these too.  Actually I will just about take anything from Ms. Torre.  I’m officially a fan and junkie.

Mine Completely: The Billionaire’s Obsession Valentine’s Day Romance ~ Simon (The Billionaire’s Obsession, #4) by J.S. Scott — Reviews, Discussion, Bookclubs, Lists

A solid 2.5 for sex scenes only.

Why do I feel like I wasted my time reading this?  It wasn’t my cup of tea in the least.

Actually, let me stop myself before I even start.  This review is for a small piece of a set.  I’ll only comment on this last book.  Why?  Because I don’t want to have to relive the story.  Getting through this was disappointing enough as it is and if I have to rehash and breakdown the entire story, I may end up being more annoyed about it, than I already am.

Let me start by saying ***SPOILERS***

I kept hoping to the bitter end that Simon would stop being so fucking angry the entire time.  I mean, he wasn’t even hot alpha possessive angry.  He was, I am going to murder her I lover her so much angry.  I’ve never seen Misery or what’s that other movie where the guy starts cutting limbs off the woman he loves because he’s scared that she would leave.  It was that kind of love.  It was a little scary.  It wasn’t endearing it wasn’t romantic.  It was fucking terrifying.  I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Oddly I didn’t hate Kara, while she had this semi weird irrational disgust about the amount of money that Simon spends on her and her constant (even to the end) fear that their relationship was a figment of her imagination.  Overall, she wasn’t bad at all.  Her character deserved to be flushed out more.  She’s only pregnant a mere 5 weeks and already she’s a ball of hormonal horniness and blubbering tears.  I’ve been pregnant.  Twice. I know every pregnancy is different, but really? REALLY?! Get it together girl.

I feel like these two were robbed in this story.  They had the chance to have a better story.  It could easily have been longer, it would have been better, it would have been more tangible.  I certainly would have just liked it more.   Instead there was an ENTIRE chapter dedicated to Sam, Simon’s brother and Maddie, Kara’s best friend and I was so annoyed as I read each word dedicated to the two.  I wanted to know why that was so important to plug right in the middle of someone else’s story.  It didn’t need it.  We could have just jumped right back to the sex between Simon and Kara that we knew were coming.

Now the only thing that I did enjoy in this book was the sex scenes.  While I have read better, J.S Scott does know how to weave a scene (hence the 2.5 stars – that’s all sex baby).  I definitely didn’t feel disappointed.  Maybe a little unfulfilled and yes, that last one was a little cheesy, but all was forgiven because as those words rolled around in my head, I knew I was just enjoying it.

Available at Amazon (part of the box set):

The Billionaire’s Obsession: The Complete Collection Boxed Set (Mine For Tonight, Mine For Now, Mine Forever, Mine Completely)