Still – Alessandra Torre (Always leaves me wanting more…)

Still (Bend Anthology)

My feet hurt. Four inches of a-size-too-small shoes will do that to a girl. Especially a girl who is used to sensible flats, paired with nylons and JC Penny skirt suits. But your best friend only gets married once, and when she is paying for an all-expense paid bachelorette party to the Bahamas, the sane thing to do is hop on that plane, put on your sexiest pair of strappies, sip on penis-shaped straws, and dance your feet off. 

I wasn’t looking for a man. Wasn’t planning to do anything but hobble my swollen feet up to the room and collapse. Maybe splurge on minibar candy and a six dollar bottle of water. I may not have been looking, but when you run into a man like Brett Jacobs, you don’t walk away. You wipe up your drool, remember your southern graces, and bat your eyelashes.

I may have forgotten my southern graces. They may have gotten lost in the pushmeupagainstthewall and takemehere action that occurred. In the clothesripping ohmygod action that followed. They may have, along with my sanity and common sense, left me with bruised lips, ripped panties, multiple orgasms, and blistered feet. 

God bless cheap shoes, impulse decisions, and weak willpower.


Alessandra Torre is so up my alley, I sometimes think that she is in my head.  There is just something about the way that she brings characters together that makes me always craving more, I swear if she had decided to never end the Innocence Trilogy, I would have been one happy reader.  And now she’s at it again.

This little short story moves at a nice clip and weaves the tale of how Riley, a Southern lass and Brett, honestly I can’t put him a category other than, amazing, come to be.  Know how short the story was I constantly and I mean constantly fretted about how these two were going to hook up.  I was at no point disappointed.

The dialogue, true to Torre form, is honest, funny, saucy and sincere.  I love the way she writes her women.  They’re broken or damaged or apologizing for who they are.  They just are and every moment Riley interacts with anyone, I enjoy it.   I can not wait and I mean that with all my heart to get more story on these too.  Actually I will just about take anything from Ms. Torre.  I’m officially a fan and junkie.