Book Recommendations

As you may or may not know I have a Goodreads account.  I am frequently there checking out possible books to read, organizing my book lists etc, etc, etc I am constantly adding, adding and adding more books.

I was wondering though if there was a book or books that you would like to recommend for me to read?  It’s one thing to choose books based on goodreads recommendations, but I would love to hear from like minded readers and see what you think I would enjoy.

So while I appreciate any suggestions, I’ll let you know what I don’t like or rather I’m not interested in;

Rock Stars
High School Teens
Some College teens.  I prefer old college if any at all.

I love

Dark Erotica
Alpha Male
Assholes – really, I really love an asshole!
Filthy, filthy dirty talk… the more the better.
Some Historical… Victorian, Regents,

While I prefer love/romance to be a focus, I know that’s not always the case.  In those instances, if the book is simply good, I believe that should be enough and I’m willing to give it a shot.

So… What do you suggest?

Fate – Nikki Sex [kindle edition – Freebie]

You know I’m an advocate of free books! Here is one you should pick up asap, before the price goes up.  It’s on Amazon and it’ costs 00¢.  Big fat NADA!

Fate – Nikki Sex
How far would you go to get something you really want?

Emily Malone has had a lifelong crush on her brother’s best friend, Paul.
Unfortunately, he just sees her as his friend’s little sister.
Desperate and infatuated, Emily resorts to lies and deception.
She only needs one night with Paul, to finally get over this obsessive crush.
But Fate has other ideas, and whether or not Emily knows it, everything happens for a reason. . .


I’m near the end of this and it’s really quite good. It throws you into the deep end of steamy out of the gate, just how I like it and is moving quite nicely. I was a little apprehensive of where this was going around the 45-55% mark, but once through there, it’s really good. I’m really looking forward to seeing how this ends up because quite honestly it’s a fucked up situation. There’s another book in the series and I’m already intrigued and can’t wait for it’s June release.