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A solid 2.5 for sex scenes only.

Why do I feel like I wasted my time reading this?  It wasn’t my cup of tea in the least.

Actually, let me stop myself before I even start.  This review is for a small piece of a set.  I’ll only comment on this last book.  Why?  Because I don’t want to have to relive the story.  Getting through this was disappointing enough as it is and if I have to rehash and breakdown the entire story, I may end up being more annoyed about it, than I already am.

Let me start by saying ***SPOILERS***

I kept hoping to the bitter end that Simon would stop being so fucking angry the entire time.  I mean, he wasn’t even hot alpha possessive angry.  He was, I am going to murder her I lover her so much angry.  I’ve never seen Misery or what’s that other movie where the guy starts cutting limbs off the woman he loves because he’s scared that she would leave.  It was that kind of love.  It was a little scary.  It wasn’t endearing it wasn’t romantic.  It was fucking terrifying.  I couldn’t wait for it to be over.

Oddly I didn’t hate Kara, while she had this semi weird irrational disgust about the amount of money that Simon spends on her and her constant (even to the end) fear that their relationship was a figment of her imagination.  Overall, she wasn’t bad at all.  Her character deserved to be flushed out more.  She’s only pregnant a mere 5 weeks and already she’s a ball of hormonal horniness and blubbering tears.  I’ve been pregnant.  Twice. I know every pregnancy is different, but really? REALLY?! Get it together girl.

I feel like these two were robbed in this story.  They had the chance to have a better story.  It could easily have been longer, it would have been better, it would have been more tangible.  I certainly would have just liked it more.   Instead there was an ENTIRE chapter dedicated to Sam, Simon’s brother and Maddie, Kara’s best friend and I was so annoyed as I read each word dedicated to the two.  I wanted to know why that was so important to plug right in the middle of someone else’s story.  It didn’t need it.  We could have just jumped right back to the sex between Simon and Kara that we knew were coming.

Now the only thing that I did enjoy in this book was the sex scenes.  While I have read better, J.S Scott does know how to weave a scene (hence the 2.5 stars – that’s all sex baby).  I definitely didn’t feel disappointed.  Maybe a little unfulfilled and yes, that last one was a little cheesy, but all was forgiven because as those words rolled around in my head, I knew I was just enjoying it.

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